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Documentation and Projects

Welcome to Realmac Forge. A list of currently available projects and documentation is available below:

Getting Started

Overview (This page)
Trac User Guide
Getting the Code
Using Subversion
Using svnX
Known Issues (and how to fix them)
Contributing Code
Want to Start a New Project?

Open Source Projects

Feature Requests

Open Source Plugins

RapidWeaver Hello World Plugin
RapidWeaver High-Light Plugin
Feature Requests
RapidWeaver Markup Plugin
RapidWeaver Media Browser Plugin
RapidWeaver Xcode Plugin Template

RapidWeaver Plugin API Documentation

API Overview
Plugin Interface
Abstract Plugin Interface

Learn How To?
Place plugin settings in the Page Inspector
Use a custom plugin description
Rename a plugin in Xcode
Add content between from a plugin
Add extra files for a plugin page
Override the page file extension

Unsorted Code Examples

Plugin API Wishlist
User Plugin Wishlist

Cocoa Cheat Sheet

Support Forum

If you are looking for a good place to ask a question about RapidWeaver, look no further than the Realmac Software Community Forum. It provides a friendly environment to discuss openly among RapidWeaver users and developers.